5. What is the Bible?

This week’s statement is the following: What is the Bible?“The Bible or Holy Scripture is the set of books that, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, have God as their main author and have been delivered as such to the Church.“This statemet does not say anything about the content of the Bible, only […]

4. When has God revealed himself to humanity?

The next phrase from the “Summary if the Catholic faith” for children: When has God revealed himself to men?God has revealed himself:— In the first place, to our first parents. — Later, in the history of the people of Israel, to the patriarchs and the prophets.—And finally, through Jesus Christ, who is the fullness of […]

3. What is the revelation of God?

Another Sunday. Let’s keep up to speed. The next statement of belief from the Catholic education my son receives is the following. “What is the revelation of God?The revelation of God is the communication that He has made of Himself to men.“ Again, I’m impressed with such a compact answer to such a difficult theological […]

2. How can humans know God?

Hi again, it’s Sunday, and it”s been a long day, but here is my second commentary on the “Summary of the Catholic faith” which are taught to my eight year old son who goes to a Catholic School in Spain. The second phrase of the book is the following: 2. How can humans know God?People […]

1. Can humans get to know God?

This is the first of a series of commentaries on the Summary of Catolic Faith, based on my child’s primary education pamphlet named “Resumen de la Fe Católica” This small book containts 142 statements, that in a splendid way, I will say, summarized the Catholic faith. My commentaries on these statements are only reflections and […]

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