5. What is the Bible?

This week’s statement is the following:

What is the Bible?
The Bible or Holy Scripture is the set of books that, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, have God as their main author and have been delivered as such to the Church.
This statemet does not say anything about the content of the Bible, only how it was written and delivered. Note that God is not the Subject, but the author. It is God communicating to us. The writing has been not by the will of man, but guided by the Holy Spirit. Even so, it implies that it has been written by persons.

It does not say that no other books are written in the same way, only that this is the on that was delivered to the [Catolic] Church. Does this mean that we can regard other works and arts as inspired by God? I think so. I don’t think God’s spirit stopped communicating after the bible were collected. However, the bible is complete as the source for religious practice of the Catholic faith.

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