7. What is the Old Testament?

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What is the Old Testament?
It is the part of the Bible that contains the books written before the coming of Jesus to the world. In them we are told how God was preparing the coming of the Savior.

This is written as if the Hebrew Bible basically talks about Jesus, and might sound a little bit forced, but it’s a very imortant belief for Christians. This means that the Church interprets the whole story about Israel, from the first humans to the prophets, as a preparation for Jesus to come and save all who believes in him. An incorrect way to get to this conclusion though, would be to use the fact that the name Jesus means something like “God Saves”, so whenever the Hebrew bible mentions a future or present saviour, it can be interpretes as Jesus. But that would be to change the original meaning in favour of a new, at lest in many places. This is however not the way the church reasons. There is actually no need to analyse the old testament, since Jesus just simply claims to be the saviour that is expected from the Prophets. In addition he gives promises of eternal life if we believe him. So it is just a matter of believing that Jesus actually is the person he claims to be, and If so, then we can conclude that the new testament is the happy ending of the Old Testament.

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